Jesse Seibel also serves as the Assistant Ministerial Director.


Jesse Seibel is the Pastor of Kailua SDA Church,\ and serves as the Hawaii Conference of Seventh-day Adventist as the Communication Director and Assistant Ministerial Director. As an alumnus Hawaiian Mission Academy, La Sierra University, and Andrews Theological Seminary, he considers himself a life-long student of the teachings of Jesus.


Although he was raised in a Christian home and vibrant church, by the end of his teens Jesse was convinced that religion was great for those who needed it, but too simplistic and restrictive for him. After 2 years of college, Jesse was at a spiritual low. In 2000 he found an opportunity to teach grades 7-9 on the island of Kosrae in Micronesia. After two years of experiencing Jesus Christ change him and those around him, Jesse was convinced he had heard God’s call to share the gospel.


Over past 10 years, Jesse has led in the development of new ministries, programs, and facilities. He is regularly invited to speak throughout the US and various countries, especially to youth and young adults.


Jesse enjoys serving, teaching, and empowering people passionate about living and sharing their faith. He loves surfing, mountain biking, swimming, great books and film, and sharing the gospel with people, especially those who think they heard it all before.


He is married to Shilhi Seibel, who owns and operates Passion Roots, a wedding and event design company. They have 3 children: Noah, Liya, and Isaac.

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Jesse Seibel

 Communications Director and Ministerial Director

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